MERIT began as the convergence of three companies: a branding and communications agency named Sacunas, a digital agency called Pipeline Interactive, and LTPR, an influencer media and crisis communications agency.

Adam bought Sacunas with a small business administration loan on June 1, 2015. At that time, Sacunas was a small, “Integrated Advertising Agency” market follower with five incredible team members and a great core group of clients. After the acquisition, the team’s first move was to see if Sacunas could become a strong competitor in the “Integrated Advertising Agency” market. To increase their chances of growing into a strong competitor, they bolstered their digital capabilities by acquiring Pipeline Interactive. Just like Sacunas, Pipeline had great clients and people, and both teams jelled culturally.

Within a year, Sacunas (with Pipeline) had moved from a small follower to a strong competitor position in the “Integrated Advertising Agency” market. More proposals were coming in, but much more were being lost to the market leader. The Sacunas team quickly realized they had become just another agency. They also realized that although they used Market Invention for clients, they hadn’t really used the process for themselves.

Over the next several months, Sacunas followed the Market Invention process (although the process hadn’t been named yet). The team understood that Sacunas could become a consultancy in the process of Market Invention. However, in order to do so, it would need to evolve into MERIT, the global leader in Market Invention.

MERIT was launched in 2017, and the business expanded rapidly by winning against the largest strategy firms and advertising agencies in the world. Later that year, LTPR, based in Portland, Oregon, merged with MERIT to solidify MERIT’s presence on the West Coast. Becoming the market leader and industry challenger was not a matter of luck.

MERIT used the process of Market Invention to invent a Market Invention consultancy, and it has resulted in 10X growth and billions of market value for its clients. MERIT is now the go-to-resource for strategy, marketing, advertising, and technology development for many of the largest and most iconic companies in the world. Now Market Invention is quickly becoming the next market—disrupting a trillion-dollar industry.

MERIT—and its clients—are proof that Market Invention is as real as gravity.

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