This may be the most important business book of our generation.

Toothfish will shatter what you’ve been told to believe about business, marketing and innovation—and inspire you to build something that changes the status quo for yourself and your industry. It will challenge your view of success and confront you with a new model of creativity—and a new perspective on your own potential. After reading Toothfish you will never look at your business, customers and competition the same way.

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Toothfish is a must read for anyone who wants to change how business is done. As the founder of a start-up I am so grateful I read this book now so that the practices and habits will be a part of my company’s culture and vision from Day 1.

– Amazon reviewer (Bmorrison717)

This book takes a holistic approach to developing a business strategy and provides some thought-provoking examples for creating a market where you can influence customers as the lead and prosper. You’ll read it and then reflect on it further.

– Amazon reviewer (Andrew E. Chrostowski)

Vasquez reveals secrets no one else would. While reading Toothfish, I asked myself more than once, “Why is he telling the world how to do this?” Not only that — it’s fast-tracked! Everything that could be considered extraneous has been omitted — no sorting through the hype. Toothfish takes the straight road to success. Vasquez will make you think — and then inspire the golden path for your business.

– Amazon reviewer (Prudence Jones)

I have seen this book transform businesses. This is a must read for any entrepreneur or company executive that is looking to invent a new market and propel revenue. Get ahead of the curve!

– Amazon reviewer (Christine)

The book delivers sharp insights on how to differentiate your business through MARKET INVENTION. The author offers a unique/fresh take on creating your own market and does so in clear and direct language. The anecdote about the Patagonian Toothfish is fascinating and he follows it up with a straightforward roadmap for executing a succesful business strategy. You’ll pull a few gems out of this read and have several moments where you think “of course we should be doing that”. It’s a useful and valuable read. I really like where Vasquez is coming from.

– Amazon reviewer (Max)


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Known as the Father of Market Invention, Adam Vasquez has used the process of Market Invention to create close to $100 billion in market value for clients like Tyco and Altria. Now, after more than two decades as a respected consultant, executive coach, and speaker, Adam is bringing the lessons and strategies of Market Invention to aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses. Through his business coaching, Adam wants to see change, widespread wealth, and genuine value added to the world, and he believes Market Invention is the only way.